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Massage Club

Make a commitment to consistent self-care by treating yourself to regularly scheduled massages and you'll save $:

Massage Club Rates

                                                 Regular            Monthly                  6-pack

                                                                                           (Buy 5 & 6th is Free)

60 Minutes ~ Massage                $ 70            $ 60 x 2= $120      $ 70 x 5= $350

75 Minutes ~ Massage                $ 85            $ 75 x 2= $150      $ 85 x 5= $425

90 Minutes ~ Massage                $105           $ 95 x 2= $190      $100 x 5= $525

Hot Stones: Add per massage      $ 20

Aromatherapy: Add per massage $ 10

Join the Massage Club after your first visit to Lamkin Cottage and tap to schedule your massage.

Massage Club Membership Application:

Member Information:

Name __________________________  Cell Phone __________ text ok? ___  Alt. Phone ____________

Address ________________________________________________________________ 

City ______________________________________________ Zip Code _____________

6-Pack Plan: Buy 5 and get the 6th one Free smiley

Get 6 sessions at a time for the best discount. There's no time limit for using them and you can share them with family and friends and give as great gifts.

Monthly Plan: Save $10 per one hour session

Pay for 2 sessions at a time. When buying online choose under Series.

Example: If you want to come for an hour a month, or more, you prepay $120 (2 x $60 session) which lets you save $10 a session. The $120 covers the session you just enjoyed, and you are pre-paid for the next session you'll enjoy. The third time you come you will pay $120 again for the hour session you just  had and  you are still pre-paid for one session. If you want to stop being in the club, you either use up your last pre-paid session, or you may give it to someone else as a gift.

Massage Club Guidelines:

All Memberships are based upon Monthly or 6-pack pre-payment plans.

  • Only one advertised discount or special price (such as Massage Club) allowed  per session.  
  • Monthly members may designate a family member to take their massage time, when they are unable to come for a massage within 60 days of their previous session.
  • 24 hour notice is required, please, for appointment cancellation.
  • A massage re-booking fee equal to the value of the session missed may be charged when cancellation is less than 24 hours before the appointment time. _____ (initial)
  • No refunds will be given for unused services. _____ (initial)

I have read and agree to the membership guidelines and payment plan as indicated. I am at least 18 years of age and have no medical condition(s) which would preclude me from receiving massage therapy services.

_______________________________________________              __________________

Member Signature                                                                             Date

Amount Paid: $_____________________ Check#________ Cash____ Credit Card_________    ~   209.570.6906   ~  ~

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